Thursday, 20 December 2012

Leaving the City - Pathogen



  A deep, atmospheric rolling drum and bass track that oozes atmosphere and emotion. Pathogen certainly takes us on a journey into the soul with this track.


  The mix on this track is really nice. It's simple, so doesn't engulf the listener maybe as much as we would like, but it's certainly clean enough to stand up to any tracks a DJ might want to mix it with. Drums are solid and punch just enough to help give the track some power. Would have liked to have heard a little more bright shimmer to the hats in this track, and maybe a touch more high end throughout. Just lacks a little sparkle. Mid ranges are nice and crunchy, and the low end sits well enough in the mix too.


  Pathogen has managed to combine a very liquid vibe with some undertones of grit and nastyness, making this track stand out quite well. A pretty original concept. I would certainly struggle to catagorise this into any sub genre!.


  Some of the sounds in this track are beautiful, the composition of the deep piano, along with the sound effects like the rain and hustle and bustle within the intro work wonderfully together and really help set a mood for the track. The bass is your typical reece kinda sound but fits well into the style of track that this is. As i spoke briefly about earlier, the drums are solid. The kick and snare especially, with both punching hard into your soul! There are some nice synth melodies throughout which also help evolve the track on it's path.


  A very solid creation from Pathogen. All the drops are in the right places, the track rolls along very smoothly, and the added dirt into the second drop really helps the diversity of the track. I think a DJ would have no problems putting this into a set.

KRONIX RATING - 7.5 / 10

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