Monday, 17 December 2012

Memories - Evermind & Czeknology

Evermind & Czeknology - Memories by evermind


  An energetic, commercial drum and bass sound that oozes character and life. An energy builder if ever I heard one.


  The mix needs quite a bit of work in this track, which is a shame because there are a lot of good ideas here. The main bass lfo that continues throughout the track is pretty ear piercing, I'd suggest low passing a little off the top end of the frequencies, and tame it in a little by making it a touch mono. Also, I feel like it is maybe an octave too high and would be beneficial if it were lowered an octave. Drums sound nice and crisp, but they don't punch through the mix anywhere near as much as they should. I also think the whole track is a little too bright. Theres not much low end or low mid frequencies, everything is relying on the high's too much.


  It's a really nice concept of a track and if it had a better mix, it would sit wonderfully on a commercial compilation cd. Original? not so much. But there are some very good ideas in here to make it stand up with the rest. The vocals give it a touch of flare and work well with the style of track.


  Like I touched upon before, there are some really nice ideas in here. The actual sound design could do with some improvement. Not so much the actual sounds, but the moulding of those sounds. Clearly Evermind has the skill and knowledge to create good sounds from a synth, but I feel he needs to take some time learning how to fine tune and craft those sounds, moulding them into a cleaner, more educated sound. The drums are ok, nothing to shout about but they do the job. A little thin and as usual, I would like them to have a little more body to them but I'm starting to realise that I'm just finicky when it comes to drums.


  A well built track, that would sit well in any commercial mix. Drops and breaks happen when they should and no sudden glitches or stutters that could throw a mix off guard.


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