Saturday, 15 December 2012

Searching - Suburban Filth

Searching by Suburban Filth


This liquid drum and bass roller has an early sunday morning feel to it. Not that heavy that you need to still be throwing your arms around like a drowning child, but not that relaxed you are drifting off to a land of make believe.


 The mixdown on this track sounds pretty clean, all elements of the track sit nicely in their own rightous space and nothing noticably collides on the frequency spectrum. I believe the dynamics of the track could have been "fuller". It sounds like it's coming straight at me from the same direction, not engulfing me as much as I would have liked it to.


  How original can a liquid drum and bass roller really be? It's a sub genre of Drum and Bass that has stood the test of time for obvious reasons. People that love this style love it because of the moving pads / strings, the melodic piano's and the deep rolling reece basses that we have become accustomed to hearing. And this track is no exception. It delivers the beautiful basics in all their glory! Is it the most original liquid drum and bass track? no. Does it deliver everything we know and love about the sub genre? Hell yes!


  As I touched upon above, the sounds are not the most original, and most of the sounds used could probably be found in various sample packs and presets of instruments. That being said, the reece bass is one of the smoothest I've heard in a long time, and the synth / piano hits work really well together.
  The drums sound fairly punchy, but for me they are just lacking a little dynamic range. They sound quite narrow right now.


  It's a solidly structured track, no random sudden dropouts, or glitchy breaks that could destroy a DJ's mix. It has the generic 16 -32 bar change ups drops etc that all DJ's need to be able to mix the tracks they do. Everything sits properly in the structure of the track and it leads us nicely from beginning to end without fault.


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