Saturday, 15 December 2012

Chainmaker - Cartel

Cartel - Chainmaker by DJCartel


  A minimal style, techy drum and bass number with lots of  suspense and emotion. DJ Cartel has definately pushed the boundaries with this one.


  I honestly cannot really fault this one, everything sounds superb, Great space in the mix, fantastic dynamic range, lots of atmosphere and it punches hard where it needs to! Drums are heavy, but not too overpowering. The raspy bass sits wonderfully on top of the sub bass with no muddyness what so ever. Top production right here.


  This is also a pretty original piece. As it begins I was expecting something very laid back and relaxed, but the drop certainly made me sit up and take notice! It wasn't what I was expecting at all! (which in this day and age of electronic music, is a good thing!) The drum work is pretty average run of the mill drum and bass beats, nothing new or groundbreaking there (that's not saying they're bad! far from it) but I think because of the basic dnb deat, it helps the other more dynamic sounds come out more!

  Where do I begin?! The warping raspy bass that morph's in and out is so pleasing to the ear that I actually forgot I was writing a review! There's so much going on, yet it still manages to maintain the essence of minimalistic drum and bass without sounding cluttered. You can hear that almost every sound in there has been painstakingly hand crafted with care and passion. Great work.


  I find myself saying the same thing for most tracks in this section of the review, but I guess what else can you say? If the structure is solid, and the track works well for DJ's then what more can be added? Same goes for this track, good structure, built well, DJ Friendly and portrays a journey throughout.

KRONIX RATING - 8.5 / 10

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