Saturday, 15 December 2012

Maximum Pulse - Cloudburst Music

Maximum Pulse by Cloudburst Music


  Cloudburst takes us on a neurofunk style drum and bass journey with this latest piece so be prepared for those typical morphing warping bass sounds.


  The mixdown on this track is certainly clean. With every sound sitting neatly in it's own space in the spectrum. I'm actually surprised how clean it is considering the amount of midrange sounds there are within the track. Must have been quite the feat, fitting them in to the mix.
  To me the drum rythym is spot on, a real driving source for the track, I just wish that snare would punch through a little more!


  For me, Neurofunk D&B is a very elusive sub genre of drum and bass, and a lot of producers are striving to achieve these sounds. So I think almost every neuro style track I hear is pretty original in it's own unique way, and this track is no different. It hits you with those mid ranged sweeping frequency basses that seem to have no direct movement, yet somehow manage to create the most amazing hooks!


  The basses used in this sub genre take a lot of time to fine tune and craft, so I certainly take my hat off to Cloudburst on this track. Not only that, but it's the way he has managed to get them all warping together, and still sound individual that impresses me. There are other sounds within the track that I could talk about, but to me, none of them match the clarity, and sheer power of the bassline!
  I've already touched on the drums, but to reiterate, the actual rythym and pattern of them is fantastic and really help's push the track forward, but part of me wishes they had a little more oomph to them. They sound quite squashed, not sure if they've been over compressed to account for the bassline? Would have liked them to sound a little wider, with a little more dynamic range to them.


  There's a drum beat from the off, so any DJ wanting to drop this would be happy, although they would have to get it in quick, as that beat drops out pretty quick to make way for the build to the 1st drop! There's a couple of halftime switch up's throughout the track which add some diversity to it, I'm not sure how a DJ would feel about those parts, but theres plenty of track either side of those bits to mix in or out of accordingly.

KRONIX RATING - 8.5 / 10

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