Monday, 17 December 2012

Maneuvers - Dead Noise System

Maneuvers by Dead Noise System by Dead Noise System


  The Dead Noise System take us on a deep, soulful underground journey with this super dark underground dubstep number.


  A fairly good mix, most of the sounds come through clearly and cleanly without problem. There is a nice range of frequencies all shining through and each element seems to have it's own space in the mix. If anything I think the mix is a little too bright, maybe the higher frequencies could be tamed down a little to let us focus on those lovely deep bass sounds that are sitting underneath.


  Plenty of original dark sinister sounds in this one to keep the avid listener entertained. If you are a fan of the more commercial side of dubstep then this is definately NOT for you. Theres none of those screeching wobbles and glitched up vocals here. This is for the hardcore dubstep fan, the fan that likes it dark and deep. This is as underground as it gets!


  The sounds used in this track are insane! The guys at Dead Noise System have really pulled out all the stops with this. The bass is enough to turn your rib cage inside out, and the echoes and delays that pan around the track engulf the listener in a barrage of audio sensuality! There is a touch too much reverb and delay on everything for my taste, but I know the guys at DNS love a bit of verb n delay so who am I to argue?


  A top solid structure for a track, there's some subtle hats in the intro so any DJ can get the timing down, and the drops and breaks happen on point too so this track is in DJ Heaven. would fit perfectly into any deep dubstep set. And as DNS are also a group of DJ's, you can be sure that this info is correct, they would have made this to be mixed with!


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