Saturday, 15 December 2012

Give Dem Me - Crypticz

Crypticz - Give Dem Me [Unsigned] by Crypticz


  This is bass like you never heard it before. Crypticz pulls out all the stops to make this a bass heavy satisfying journey for the listener with lots of fx and trippy sounds.


  Everything sounds pretty clean this end, lots of space in the mix to let each individual element through nicely. Dynamics of the track are solid too, sounds feel like they are surrounding me, engulfing me into the track. The Bass sounds are extra clean and smooth and really rumble your chest on the right systems. All in all, a real solid production.


 I can't comment too much on the originality of the track, as "Bass" music isn't something I'm too clued up on. From what I do know, I'd still class this track as dubstep as it has that feel about it, especially with the beats. But who am I to decide what genre this should be?


  The bass sounds in this track are immense! so deep, yet have plenty of harmonics to be heard on all systems. The drum work is good too, although  I feel slightly let down by the constant open hats that tend to get a little repetative throughout the track. Apart from that, the sound design in this track is right up there with the best of 'em! solid, dynamic and full!


  This track has a good structure to it, with cymbals straight from the off in the intro, which is a godsend for DJ's. Lots of little subtle effects and vocal snips throughout to keep the listener interested too which is good, as I found the main elements may be repetative for some people.


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