Saturday, 15 December 2012

My Lov3 - Ton3r

ton3r - my lov3 (SpinninRecords Talent Pool) by ton3r_mixin


  A classic house four to the floor beat that will keep any house head happy until the early hours Get ready to dance the night away!


  From what I can hear it sounds to me like the track is very narrow in the dynamic field. As if most of the elements are centered and static. This track needs a breath of life into it via some clever panning and stereo seperations. There are a few muddyness issues around the 400-500hz range that are dulling the track down quite badly and as a result, the higher end frequencies are struggling to shine as brightly as we would like them to.


  I can't go too in depth here as House music isn't really my forte, to me most of it sounds the same so describing originality is pretty difficult. I can say that I really dig the vocal hook and the melodies work well to keep me interested.


  There are some really nice pad and synth sounds going on in the background of this track, but I cannot hear them clearly enough to give a detailed description on sound design. All of the elements are your typical house style sounds so I can safely say that people who are into house music will definately dig this.


  About as solid as it gets. a good rythym from the off so it's super DJ friendly. Everything seems to happen when it should (as far as I know) lots of new elements come in throughout the track and the listener is easily lead from one stage to the next.


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