Saturday, 15 December 2012

Midas Touch - ShirPan

Midas Touch by ShirPan

Deep industrial drum and bass sounds in abundance with a sinister presence,and some heavy breaks to match, this track delivers darkness at it's finest.


 Throughout the intro the mixdown is perfect, everything sounds so heavy and clear it's almost ridiculous! Once it drops I noticed some muddyness around the 500hz area. Although it really isnt that much of a dilemma, if anything I think it's due to the heavy drum break ShirPan has under his main drum beat. A problem easily rectified. Apart from that, this track punches harder than a heavyweight! Dynamics are nice, as I feel "Consumed" by all the elements.


  There are some real original sounds in this, some of which I never expected to work with each other, but ShirPan has made them all work wonderfully well. The halftime swithups work great and keep the track from going stale. As far as a genre goes, I wouldnt like to classify this into one singular catagory as it has influences from a vast array of genre's.


  The bass design in this track is pretty darn good if you ask me! It's deep, yet gritty, morphing yet sturdy! I'm really impressed with the sounds created in this track, and they all hit hard too! The atmospheres all help with the emotion of the track and also help to push the drops on our ears like an assault to the death! Great design!


  A very solid structure to the track, and very DJ friendly (as long as you're not trying to mix when the halftime beat hits) It creates a journey from start to finish, with absolutely no hiccups along the way.



  1. big ups for this blog and the reviews, well written, very detailed and helpful.

    thanks for the effort and much respect!