Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Morning Rise - Suburban Filth

Morning Rise by Suburban Filth


  An extremely melodic "fun" drum and bass track from Suburban Filth focusing on the lighter side of the usually dark genre.


  A nice clean mix all round in this track. I would specifically like to draw attention to the clarity of the drum work. They sound extremely clean and punchy, like a breath of fresh air. The higher, louder piano plucks could do with bringing down a touch as they are a db or two too loud, whereas the lower piano sounds sit perfectly. The bass is nice, could maybe do with a bit more body to it but it's not too bad as it is. Overall a nice mix that would sound better with a touch more low end.


  I'm finding this track to be quite original, the melodies used, and the atmosphere created is very relaxed and soothing. I can sense an element of trance within the track mainly due to the gated riffs that come in sequentially, which I'm not a huge fan of, but each to their own.


  The melodic piano sounds are beautiful, they really do create an air of relaxation and emotion, and Suburban Filth has taken his productions to the next level with that crystal clear drum work. Bass is simple yet effective. The only thing I can criticise in sound design is those gated synth's, I'm just not feeling them at all. But I would also put that down to personal preference, I'm sure there's listeners out there that will love them!


  As solid as they come! Everything hits and stops when it should, theres the right amount of intro, right amount of drop and right amount of everything to make this track work in any drum and bass set out there.

KRONIX RATING - 7.5 / 10

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