Monday, 17 December 2012

Aftermath - HYQXYZ

Aftermath by HYQXYZ


  A tearing neurofunk drum and bass track with an element of an oriental background to boot. HYQXYZ takes us deep into his mind with this non stop action track.


  Really can't fault it. The mix is spot on. Everything punches through so cleanly and sharply. All elements sit together in the frequency range perfectly and the drums hit hard like a heavyweight. If I was trying to pick at it, I'd say it could do with a bit more dynamics. Well, the hi hats could anyway, the rest of the track is perfect. I really cannot find fault at all.


  As most neurofunk drum and bass is pretty original, it's difficult to discuss the originality of this track on it's own. However, the bass work is fantastic and definately deserves an honourable mention when it comes to originality. But I'll go into more detail in the sound design section of the review.


  Amazing......period! Thats all I can say! The time that must have gone into creating this track is crazy. The bassline is so clean yet so gritty and powerful it simply astounds me. The atmospheric elements which lend an oriental flavour to the track are also second to none, building an emotional hold over the listener. I'm gonna say that I am really impressed with this track throughout.


  A good structure to the track with builds and drops where they should be. However, throughout the second drop there are a few glitched, choppy, stutter moments which sound amazing within the track, but may cause headaches for a DJ trying to mix at this point. But most DJ's are good enough to not lose focus so it shouldn't cause too much heartache.