Monday, 17 December 2012

A New World - Cartel

A new world by DJCartel


A very deep minimal drum and bass liquid roller focusing on ambient, rolling beats with a touch of light melody to sooth away your blues.


  Not a bad mix at all, everything sounds nice and smooth. I do notice later on in the track some clipping issues however it's difficult to decipher the culprit of the problem. I believe the mix could have been a touch brighter, maybe a small boost around the 5 - 10 khz range just to help the track shine. Also, I feel the bass is maybe a db or two too loud in the mix, it's just ever so slightly overpowering the rest of the track, but apart from that there's not much else to pick out. Drums sound pretty standard, and the snare sounds like it's struggling to break through as much as we would have liked.


  I find myself quite sucked in to the deep ambience of this track. Although it is your typical bog standard liquid roller with all the elements we have come to expect from such a sub genre, DJ Cartel has managed to breath some new life into the catagory with the arrangement. Although they are tried and tested elements, the arrangement sounds very fresh and new.


  There are some very nice sounds in this track that sit underneath the main aspects. You have to listen quite carefully to hear them all, but they are there! The vocal sample that is used is nice, but it's what Cartel has done to it that really brings it to my attention. The atmosphere that the vocal adds to the track is fantastic and I couldn't fault it if I wanted to. There's a piano sound that flows throughout the track that sits well and helps the track evolve, provoking emotion and atmosphere.
  Drums are your typical drum and bass liquid roller kind of beats, nothing groundbreaking or new, but they do what they are supposed to. I just wish that snare was a little cleaner!


  A solid structure in this track, no random intervals or breaks in the track that are unexpected that could cause heartache to a DJ. A very fluent motion from start to end and a track that would fit wonderfully into any liquid drum and bass set.


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