Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Journey - JukeMaluke

The Journey by JukeMaluke


  A techy drum and bass track that offers morphing sounds and a new outlook to the genre. JukeMaluke is a relatively new producer, having been at it for only a month.


  Unfortunately the mix is all over the place. I put this down to merely the lack of experience JukeMaluke has under his belt as a producer. The levels are all out, the big warping bass drowns out almost all of the drums. We can hardly notice a kickdrum at all, and the snare sounds like it's fighting for it's life. I'd suggest that JukeMaluke spends a little time focusing on how to EQ correctly, as some simple surgical EQ work would do wonders for the track.


  I find that most new producers are pretty original, I was the same when first starting out. They havn't conformed to a specific genre, or the rules that each genre brings with it. Thus bringing something new and original to the table. And this track is no exception. I wouldnt be able to catagorise it, but if I were to try I'd slot it into the techy drum and bass file.


  Taking into consideration the lack of experience JukeMaluke has, the actual sound design and manipulation is pretty good, and for only a month of producing I can tell once he has more knowledge, we can expect some pretty big things to come out of his studio. The bass wobbles are nice, and with some clever EQ work could be moulded into something great. They just need taming down a little, and cleaning up.


  Unfortunately, again due to lack of experience, the structure is a little off. It's not terrible by any standards, but it could be improved. There's enough for a DJ to be able to slot it into, and out of a mix without too much worry though.


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