Saturday, 15 December 2012

Vertigo - Hirca

Hirca - Vertigo (Original Mix) by kronixreviewblogtracks


  A deep liquid drum and bass track with a heavy rolling bassline and subtle melodic influences that create a picture of warmth for the listener.


  Not a bad mixdown, I've certainly heard worse. But there are a few noticable mishaps, such as the deep rolling reece bass. Although it sounds nice, I cant help but feel it's slightly overpowering the track. I think maybe a db or two lower would help it sit more comfortably within the mix, it also sounds quite wide, maybe some slight mono'ing of that chaneel would also benefit the track greatly.


  Another liquid roller that meets all the criteria for the sub genre. Reece basses, piano's and strings in abundance. There's nothing groundbreaking about this track, but for the people who love this genre they'll be pleased with it.


  The reece bass is the standout sound from this track (mainly because I feel it is the loudest), it's a nice sound. My trouble with this though, is that it is a very simple sound to create, and taking the bass out of the eqation, any other sounds within the track are pads and piano's which could easily be samples so I can't really comment any further on the sound design of the track as a whole. The drums sound nice and tight, crisp and clean. But they also sound a little low ( I think this is due to the loudness of the bassline). All the elements are there, and they all work well together, it's just a shame all the elements are simple. But hey, sometimes simple is better huh? don't try and fix something that isn't broken I guess.


  The building blocks of this track are great. The drops happen when they should, and the breakdowns come in at the appropriate moments. Certainly a DJ friendly track that would be easy to mix. No sudden fake drops or double drops, everything working on the 16-32 bar rule means it flows with absolute ease from start to end.


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