Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Wont think Twice - Kroppah

Won't Think Twice by Kroppah


  A deep, heavy, industrial sounding drum and bass track with plenty of moody atmosphere. Kroppah brings back an old school flavour with this one.


  Mix doesn't sound too bad here. Not the best, but by no means the worst I've heard. All elements seem to sit nicely in their own space, and it's clear enough to be able to single out each element individually. I would have liked to have heard a little more high end shine with the vocals but apart from that, I'm clutching at straws.


  The vocal element certainly adds a slice of originality to the track, and overall it works well. However I do find the whole thing pretty repetative. It definately needs some change up's in there, whether it be drum switches, or a completely different melody / riff every 8-16 bars. This would help keep it interesting and original.


  Nothing stands out as an amazing, new, technological advancement in sound design, but the sounds that have been used, have been used well. I'd particularly like to draw attention to the hollowness of the bass sound. Although it still sounds full and raspy, it has an underlying hollow tone which I find myself drawn to uncontrollably.
  The drum work is pretty standard, a break is layered to help fill the spectrum which is does nicely. The main kick and snare could do with a little more punch, and I feel the snare sound is a little flat. I would've liked to hear it with a lot more low crunch to it. But I guess that's just my personal preference.


  This would be an easy track to drop into any set as straight from the off, there's the full drum beat. All the breaks and drops appear when they should so I can safely say this is a solidly structured track, perfect for any DJ.


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