Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Encounters - JukeMaluke

Encounters by JukeMaluke


  JukeMaluke is back with this drum and bass track and I'm guessing he wasn't taking my criticism of his last track lying down. Back better than ever he hits us hard and makes us pay attention.


  To any of you that read my last review of a JukeMaluke track, you may well remember I wasn't too impressed by the mixdown techniques he used. Well I'd first off like to say that this is a huge improvement over his last attempt. Don't get me wrong, there are still a few flaws that need ironing out, but he is definately heading in the right direction. All the elements are sitting well with each other, and sound pretty clear. That reverbed ride type hat is way too loud, and distracts my attention from the rest of the track, so I'm thankful it isn't continuous. A huge step up in production levels JukeMaluke, keep on this path.


  This isn't the most original piece of music I've heard, but it certainly doesn't follow the trends either. I can't really find much to say on the originality of the track. It's like going to the supermarket and wanting to buy a tin of soup, you know it's soup, but what flavour do you want? Well, this is drum and bass, and I wouldn't like to slam it into a sub genre.


  Some nice sounds used in this track. To me the standout sound is the bass. It has plenty of depth and character, although the continuity of it gets repetative, I think a break here and there with some stuttered notes would help break it up a bit.
  Drums are solid and punchy and really help drive the track along. I think a few more fills and percussive elements are needed to help fill out the spectrum a little more but apart from that I've got nothing negative to say.


  Another track that starts off with a drum beat, which is a god send for any DJ. Again, all the drops and breaks happen on point and there's nothing here that could throw a mix off track without warning. A good, sturdy structure.

KRONIX RATING - 6.5 / 10

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