Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Expectancy - Menosance

Menosance - Expectancy by KRONIX


  A deep industrial, experimental drum and bass track. Menosance pulls out all the stops to try and draw attention to his skills.


  With such an experimental type of track it's really difficult to focus on any one aspect. For me this mix needs work. While at moments it sounds nice and clean, when the glitchy experimental parts occur, it kinda sounds all over the place. Drums need a lot more power and depth to them, maybe a break layered underneath the main aspects of the drums would help drive the track more.


  With experimentaion comes originality. And this experimental style definately brings gallons of originality to the table. The glitched out breaks with the right tender mixdown could be amazing in this track.


 Where do I begin? The sounds are so far fetched and absurd I don't even know what to say?! During the mellow pieces of track, the reece bass rolls along beautifully. But when that glitched out beat drops, it confuses me a lot! It's like part of me think's it should never work, other parts of me think it's absolute genius!


  It's hard to believe that such a vast array of oddness can be pressed into a standard structure, but it has, and works surprisingly well!


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