Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Silver Lining - Oversight & Endote

Oversight & Endote- Silver lining by oversight


 Oversight and Endote have teamed up to bring you a deep soulful ambient track that oozes lazy day feelings and sunset vibes. A perfect sunday afternoon chillout track to help calm the mood.


 Because of the minimal vibe of this track it's easy to get each element in their own space. What isn't easy is managing to maintain that "full" effect within the frequency spectrum, which is something these two have managed to do with great success. Although the track is minimal, it also sounds big and full. Panning and dynamics are spot on and the track engulfs me into it. A Wonderful experience.


  I don't listen to too much chillout, ambient stuff so I wouldn't really know how original it is. It's original to me, I know that much! And I really enjoyed listening to it, it was a nice break from the usual hard hitting fast paced action of what I normally encounter. So for that, I thank the pair of you for bringing it to my attention.


  There really are some beautiful sounds in this track, that deep low kick drum sets a lovely tone for the rest of the track, and the vinyl crackles also add atmosphere. The slow moving soundscapes that blend together are a dream to the ears.


  As I touched upon earlier, I'm not a regular listener of chillout / ambient, so I don't really know what the standards are regarding structure of a track. From what I can hear, it all sounds in place and on que.

KRONIX RATING - 7.5 / 10


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    1. Yeah Oversight brought that to my attention, and the mistake has since been rectified.

    2. No worries. Thank you so much for the review!!