Saturday, 12 January 2013

Quantic Scruff - Nothing Extraordinary

Quantic Scruff by Nothing Extraordinary


  Swing meets drum and bass in this odd infusion from Nothing Extraordinary. A novel idea that could open people's eyes to a new sub genre.


  Unfortunately the mix is very wonky on this track and it needs a huge amount of work! the swing type jazzy stab is far too loud compared to the rest of the track, to the point where we can't really hear anything else. The drum beat sounds extremely muffled, as if it's coming from another room. And apart from those two elements, there doesn't seem to be anything else? I hear nothing that resembles a bassline!


  Certainly original, that's for sure, one of the more original tracks I've had to review. It's just such a shame that the mix was so terrible. This could have potential, if it was re-worked.


  Not much I can say here as the drum loop sounded like a pre made break, and the only other sound in the whole track was a string stab that repeated intermittently. There needed to be a whole heap of other sounds introduced to the track like bass, FX, and strings / pads / lead synth lines etc. There wasn't anywhere near enough content for me to fully write up on the sound design of this track.


  Debatable. Once the drum beat hits, it seems to flow fairly well, however, I struggle to work out if everything hits where it should and drops at the right point. I'm on the fence.....

KRONIX RATING - 3.5 / 10

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