Saturday, 12 January 2013

Feel the Love - Rudimental (Al Capone Remix)

Rudimental - Feel the love (Al Capone Remix) by Al Capone UK


  A solid drum and bass remix of the popular "Feel the Love!" by Rudimental. Al Capone takes us on a journey through his rendition of this classic track.


  This track has a good mix, but it could be better. The sounds are all there, they just slightly clash with each other for space. It's not a huge dilemma as it's easily fixable. To me it sounds like area's have been boosted, instead of stripped away. For me, a solid mix comes from clever, technical removal of frequencies instead of over boosting of them, which I feel is the problem here. The sounds are better during the more stripped away pieces of the track which leads me to these thoughts.


  Not much can really be said on originality when it comes to a remix, as it is what it is, a remix of someone else's work. Although Al Capone has done a good job on keeping true to the original, while implementing his on take on it.


  There's some real nice quality sounds in this remix, and I'd like to draw attention to the bassline. Although a simple LFO envelope filter is in place it works extremely well and helps drive the track forward. All in all the sounds used here are good.


  The structure here is a solid one, with no problematic pauses or breaks happening unexpectedly. A very DJ friendly track that would sit well in any commercial drum and bass mix.


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